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It’s simply astounding that any and every subject is a point of contention, no fact too insignificant to challenge along party lines. There is no common ground whatsoever and a requirement that individuals on both sides march in lockstep with their compatriots. Struggling to conform, we call ourselves “like-minded citizens”.

The Rocky Mountains form The Continental Divide which, as the name implies divides the Left side of our country from Right side. Or does it? Pressure on the tectonic plates from both sides forced the ground up in the middle, allowing the land mass we call America to exist. The Continental Divide, then is actually the relief valve that allows the two sides of our country to co-exist. A synthesis of forces. Apropos, then that we call this new blog Rocky Mountain Way, where we try to apply common sense to that which often makes no sense at all.

Arguably, one side has corrupted the process a bit more than the other, just as that side itself has been corrupted by those with a specific agenda which often conflicts with many of the freedoms guaranteed to all Americans. We will probably lean gently away from that side as we give forum to ideas, concepts and revelations.

Bob “RJ” Abrams

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1 Response to Welcome to RockyMountainWay

  1. Rae says:

    What a genius idea to create a forum where two parties can finally “be worked at”/looked at. Nothing is corrupting the beautiful idea of government as two parties going at each other/like a horrific cockfight. Obviously the right party thinks they’re almost always right–that they appear like self righteous preachers caught between old pages on religious books and constitutions…forgetting amendments and flexibility are necessary at times so we as a united people can evolve.
    And too often the left gets lost not knowing how to come out–to make the argument strong enough–to keep a governing body going.
    Your blog is a grand idea! We do need to be reminded that the whole is greater than any of its’ parts.

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