Michelle Obama was reinstated as the First Lady yesterday in a small
ceremony officiated by Chief Justice John Roberts, while Joe Biden was
sworn in for his second term as Vice President by Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

The Constitution mandates the ceremony take place on January 20 and this
was only the 7th time it occurred on a Sunday. The public inauguration,
expected to draw about 600K people (as opposed to about 1.8 M in 2008) will
take place today.
The two terms of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama will be as
different as the men themselves and their political affiliations. Yet,
these two very different men have much in common, something all of us
should consider.

Both are reviled and ridiculed by the “other side”. Both seem to be
sincerely loyal Americans, in that they seem to believe in America and her
people. Both are exemplary family men with adoring wives and two charming
daughters. Both seem to uphold most of our American ideals and both seem
to have avoided the personal potholes that have derailed countless
political careers and have become emblematic of the American political
system. Both are role models for the American family.

Even if Barack Hussein Obama was not your choice for President, you should
take heart in the knowledge that his re-election and the seamless
continuation of the American Presidency is a testament to the dream our
Founding Fathers called the United States of America and to this experiment
in a unique type of democracy. Yes, Congress is broken. But as long we
maintain faith in ourselves and encourage the broadest possible
participation in America, we have the power to make it better.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He had a dream and it was mostly about
you, whoever you are being able to pursue yours. *


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