Following are random excerpts from my Monday morning newsletters, TrenzAndFrenz:   http://mondaymorningcomments.wordpress.com/

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN: Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice-President of the NRA warns gun owners not to be fooled by the fact the gun rights have actually been EXPANDED under the Obama administration. That’s right, paranoid citizens, of the two gun-related bills were signed by President Obama, one allows the carrying of firearms in national parks, the other allows guns to be checked as baggage on trains. Celebrate? Not so fast. According to LaPierre, this is a conspiratorial tactic by the Dems to lull you into complacency so they can pounce on you while you sleep and steal your guns. (Seriously, even I can’t make this stuff up).

MORE LYING LIARS: (From Jerry S, Buffalo Grove, IL) “Boarding the Budget shuttle at Denver Airport (Nov 21, 2011) I commented to the driver on the mild temps and absence of snow. He told me that it was cold in the mountains, where it was dumping snow like crazy. The counter clerk assured me the 4-cylinder car I rented online would never make it up the mountains, where driving was treacherous. He offered me a 4-wheel-drive vehicle for an additional $26/day. Then one for $20/day, finally one for $7/day, all of which I refused. The additional insurance thing went the same way and he assured me the AMEX insurance I get when I swipe my card won’t cover the damage. At one point I offered the guy $20 just to let me get out of there. End of story: it was warm in the mountains, they were praying for snow and the 4-cylinder car I rented (KIA Optima) had a 272 HP turbo-charged engine that ran up the mountain like a billy goat”. And all Pinocchio wanted was to be a real boy.

OEDIPUS WRECKS: Mitch McConnell joins a parade of GOP spokesmen reassuring the American people that there is no GOP anti-women agenda, naming all 5 GOP female senators as proof. In the past 2 weeks, 3 of those female GOP senators have criticized their own party and its inexplicable campaign against women; Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski admonishing her party-mates to get their wives’ and daughters’ sentiments about their bizarre, anti-female obsession. Maybe they could put that aside for a while and consider some tax reform or job creation that doesn’t include tax cuts for billionaires and giant corporations.

PARTING SHOT: Michelle Bachman, who blasted Gov Perry for mandating girls in Texas to be vaccinated against HPV (too much government interference) wants to legislate trans-vaginal ultra-sounds for women before they can get an abortion. AND, the doctor performing the procedure must show the woman the fetal heartbeat and describe the fetus in detail. I’m not kidding, you can Snopes me.

RELIGULOUS II: Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York was one of the most outspoken critics of the Obama Administration’s mandate that all religious groups include birth control in health care plans for their employees, his moral indignation ablaze. What Dolan failed to mention was that a similar law was already in place in New York, which is 36% Catholic and one of 28 such states and that Catholic institutions have been in compliance with that law for 10 years. Republican spin-meisters seized the opportunity labeling the mandate an attack on Catholicism, even though it treats all religious groups equally. What’s more deafening are the questions nobody ever asks. Where was the Church’s outrage at priests who were abusing innocent children and the hierarchy that condoned and/or covered it up? 98% of Catholics claim to use birth control. Can you spell hypocrisy? Aren’t non-believers employed by the Church or any other religious group entitled to the same health care benefits as other workers? Is it fair for those who don’t want to bring anymore children into this world to be treated like deviants? Does the Church have a plan for all those babies that would be created if their anti-birth control edict was obeyed? Should the Church, which enjoys tax-exempt status be exempt from all secular regulation? What if a Jewish employer insisted all his male employees be circumcised? Or refused to pay for any meals that involved pork? Or a Muslim employer demanded his female employees showed up in burqas? Isn’t it enough that accessible birth control reduces the number of abortions performed every year?


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