The Kids Are Alright

We’re all concerned about our kid’s futures. Many of us have been led to believe that the greatest threat to that future is our national debt, hovering at around $14 Trillion, although it may be closer to $70 or $80 Trillion with unfunded liabilities, but let’s not haggle over $50 or $60 Trillion. The point is, one particular party is good at making you afraid of something and then telling you who’s to blame for it.

The truth, though is that the debt may be the least of their problems, no matter who gets elected. Those numbers are going to be hard to crack, but cutting taxes for the wealthy , continuing the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy and (unecessarily) beefing up the Defense budget to the tune of about $2 Trillion will only add to that debt, starting with a $7 or $8 Trillion bump. And no new revenue means no way to offset all that new spending without trying to squeeze it out of the working stiffs.

Rising oceans may, in fact be the greatest threat as many New Yorkers are finding out this week. Besides warming water temps, which cause increased atmospheric instability, a melting northern ice cap is skewing the jet stream, causing erratic weather patterns. That’s why Sandy took a left turn into the Northeast instead of heading back into the Atlantic. Expect weather patterns to continue to be more erratic and more extreme.

For 18 months Romney and his surrogates have promised cuts in education, science, research, women’s health care and taxes on the wealthy. What seemed to unhinge President Obama in the first debate is that he was suddenly faced with a warm and fuzzy Walter Mondale, at the very least a very moderate Mitt Romney. He said a lot of encouraging things about Pell Grants, alternative energy, infrastructure and even condoned women in the workplace, although not at equal pay. But what about everything he said over the last 18 months? Or 6 years? Was he lying then? Or is he lying now? And if we have to ask these questions, does it really matter?

Truth has really been a casualty of this campaign. Besides representing himself as a cross between Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon Johnson, Romney now says the auto bailout was exactly what he recommended. What he really wanted to do was to let private investors (like Bain Capital) buy GM, crush the unions and cut retirement benefits.  Only there was no private money available, just like there wasn’t any for Lehman Bros.  His lies have gotten so out of control that GM and Jeep have both taken out ads in Ohio to say that Romney’s claims that they will be sending jobs to China are untrue, that both GM and Jeep are planning to add jobs right here in the U.S. of A. Maybe Obama couldn’t keep all of his campaign promises, but Romney’s promising just the opposite of what he really plans. He only condones abortion in cases where it’ll help his campaign.

Here’s what’s for sure. MPG requirements, emissions control – anything that would be detrimental to big oil and big coal – AKA as the Koch Brothers, funding GOP and Tea Party candidates across the nation – would be turned back. He will end tax breaks for alternative energy, but not for big oil. This will keep the cost of oil high and our planet dying. He will overturn Roe v. Wade. He will sign the “Personhood Bill” into law, giving a fertilized egg more rights than the mother. This will end stem cell research and even some forms of birth control. They will kill Pell Grants and cut educational programs for those who need it most. Gone will be Social Security and Medicare. That will be the world in which your children will live. A far worse future than owing a few trillion to the Chinese. What are they going to do, take away our egg rolls?

@ 2012  RockyMountainWay

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